Rexi Video is a Video Editing company specializing in taking editing high quality photography and videos of private premium luxury properties and commercial objects taken by our state of the art equipment. Rexi Video offers editing service for high quality pictures and videos by implementing cutting edge technology with our state of the art digital equipment.

Please note:

- All of our video footage and pictures are licensed and copyrighted and may not be taken without a media license and/or written approval by Rexi Video.
- The license and copyrights will be transferred to prospective buyer with the purchase of our editing services.
- The pictures and videos are property of Rexi Video and can not be edited by any other source.
- We reserve the right to refuse filming if the location deems to be unsafe to our filming crew or any other reason at the discretion of Rexi Video.
- We will need a written approval by the property owner to film the location. If the property is on zero lot, we will need an approval from the owners of adjacent properties.
- There is a mandatory Processing and Handling Charge of $150.00 to set an filming appointment within 15 miles driving radius from our Coral Springs location.
- The Processing and Handling Trip Fee is non refundable once we arrive at the location.
- If you cancel prior us leaving the office to your location, the Processing and Handling Fee will be promptly refunded.
- For distance from over 15 to 30 miles driving radius from our location, the Processing and Handling Fee will be $200.00.
- Please contact us for personalized quote if the distance from our location is more than 30 miles.
- There is one Processing and Handling charge either per video and/or photography.
- We reserve the right to change the pricing at any time.

We reserve the right to cancel an appointment in Adverse Weather Conditions, Site Condition and/or Safety Issues which may include:

1. Rain or overcast sky
2. Lightning
3. Windy Condition
4. Lack of confirmation for safe and clear filming location


Usage rights/licenses are not valid until payment is received in full. Ownership and reproduction rights of the photographs and/or video footage remain with Rexi Video unless otherwise specified within a separate contract. We reserve the right to use any photography and/or video footage for our company advertising promotion in any media of our choice. Payment for services rendered by Rexi Video constitutes acceptance of all terms outlined here and within the contract. The fully edited Premium Video and Pictures Copyright and Media License will be automatically transferred after full payment is made. Please read our Disclosure and Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

There is a mandatory Processing and Handling Charge to set an filming appointment to cover our travel expense to your location, use of our equipment, insurance and base editing service.
It takes considerable amount of time to travel to your location, make the video, extra wear on our sophisticated equipment and processing time efforts, therefore the Processing and Handling Fee is mandatory.

The pictures and videos taken by Rexi Video are licensed, copyrighted and owned by Rexi Video.

Thank you,

Rexi Video Management

Rexi video