About Us


Rexi Video was created by photo enthusiasts who elevated a personal hobby into a full-time photo and video endeavor. The lifetime passion for photography resulted in creating a photography and video production company. Rexi Video is specializing in photography and video of premium luxury properties, commercial and personal services by using state of the art high quality digital camera equipment. Our sophisticated equipment takes high quality images from different angles that result in quality images from very unique perspectives that you would normally never see and can not be duplicated. Rexi Video offers high quality pictures and videos by implementing cutting edge technology with our state of the art digital equipment. Pictures and videos will bring your object to life and deliver an image that conventional photography can't. Rexi Video offers a wide range of video, imaging and post production services that fit your needs. We are focused on our customers individual needs by providing unsurpassed quality, cutting edge technology and affordability by using state of the art equipment and our unconditional commitment to do our best. Rexi Video is located in Coral Springs, South Florida.


Rexi video   1440 Coral Ridge Drive, Suite 411,  Coral Springs, FL. 33071-5433   Email: contact@rexivideo.com